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psalm 118 commentary spurgeon

Because we can look back to a time when we walked in no such light, when we felt no such light, when everything spiritual and heavenly was dark to us, and we were dark to them. Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the LORD. Hosannah, save thy people, O LORD, and send them now prosperity. The beginning and the end of salvation is mercy. The vanity and folly of these builders' opinion appears in this, that they are overpowered by the great Architect of the church: his purpose stands. In the warmth of our love we come willingly to the altar, but we need constraining power to keep us there in the entirety of our being throughout the whole of life. Ver. A fatal error they are charged with in building the house of God; they refuse the stone of God's choosing; they do not allow him a place in his own house. Without notice of the context, this quote from Psalm 118 has come to mean something like, “God is our Creator. Joseph Caryl. 11. Those who only praise God because he does them good should rise to a higher note and give thanks to him because he is good. Many are, no doubt, truly saved, but at times they have so little strength, that they are ready to faint, and therefore they cannot sing: when strength is imparted and salvation is realised then the song is clear and full. Whence must it come? We know who it is that cometh in the name of the Lord beyond all others. sv), "the bundles of the willows of the brook which they carry at the Feast of Tabernacles are called Hosannahs." This is my Psalm, my chosen Psalm. 27. His grace, and our gratitude, are the two lines my discourse must run upon. The favour of princes is proverbially fickle, the testimonies of worldlings to this effect are abundant. Psalms 118:11-12. And what is this but to say, If you wish to call me good, recognize me as God? Now, this is true of many a tried child of God who has been wounded by Satan, by the world, by temptation, by affliction; the sword has entered into his bones, and left its mark. Philip Bennet Power. Psalms 118:2-3. In memory of my fiftieth birthday, our friends have built a house at the back of the Tabernacle, to be used for the purposes of the church, and to be called JUBILEE HOUSE. 15. This elect champion found himself rejected by his friends and fellow countrymen, and at the same time violently opposed by his enemies. Salvation, or actual escape out of trial. Hosanna. for in the name of the Lord will I destroy them. 8. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence. It was not a common difficulty, or a single enemy, whole nations compassed him about. Psalm 118 is another Messianic psalm, which … At any rate, he knew that he should not so die as to give victory to the enemies of God; for the honour of God and the good of his people were both wrapped up in his continued success. The season of it: "This is the day which the LORD hath made." Our hero had also in all probability been sore sick, and therefore like Hezekiah he says, "The Lord was ready to save me: therefore we will sing my songs to the stringed instruments all the days of my life in the house of the Lord." Long delay, temptations, wealth, rank, discouragement, scepticism, all tend to drive it from the altar. 20. Let Israel now say. Save now, I beseech thee, O LORD. This may apply to David, but it applied better to Christ, around whom Jews and Gentiles came, but he won the victory over them. Alias they could not abide. Salvation had been given, and therefore it is asked for. "The Lord is a man of war, the Lord is his name." That the Psalmist had a prophetic view of our Lord Jesus is very manifest; the frequent quotations from this song in the New Testament prove this beyond all questions; but at the same time it could not have been intended that every particular line and sentence should be read in reference to the Messiah, for this requires very great ingenuity, and ingenious interpretations are seldom true. Ver. We need all Israel, the whole house of Aaron, and all them that fear the Lord, to assist us in the expression of our gratitude; and when they have aided us to the utmost, and we ourselves have done our best, all will fall short of the praises that are due to our gracious Lord. We gratefully thank The Spurgeon Archive for the use of their source files and the above image of Spurgeon. The duty of the Sabbath, "we will rejoice and be glad in it"; not only in the institution of the day, that there is such a day appointed, but in the occasion of it, Christ's becoming "the head of the corner." 11. Thou art my God, and I will praise thee, Ver. Ver. • The Bible has 594 chapters before Psalm 118 and 594 chapters after Psalm 118. The earnestness of the prayer: "I beseech thee, I beseech thee". Other helpers were unable to chase away the angry nations, much less to destroy all the noxious swarms; but when the Lord came to the rescue the hero's single arm was strong enough to vanquish all his adversaries. 1. The Psalmist would have risen to something higher, so as to end with a climax, but nothing loftier remained. The Psalmist's song was personal praise too: —"I will praise thee"; resolute praise, for he firmly resolved to offer it; spontaneous praise, for he voluntarily and cheerfully rendered it, and continuous praise, for he did not intend soon to have done with it. Let the house of Aaron now say, that his mercy endureth, Ver. Our champion might have praised the Lord in secret, and doubtless he did so; but he was not content without going up to the assembly, there to register his thanksgivings. Cyropaed. This staggers the adversary, for he cannot understand what it is which baffles him: of the Holy Ghost He knows nothing. David said of his enemies, that they came about him like bees; he doth not say like wasps. The dogs from under my bed burst out frantically, overturning everything in their way. The "queen of days, "as the Jews call the Sabbath. Johann David Friesch, 1731. Ver. 8. Now the words mentioned in Ezra are the first and last sentences of this Psalm, and we therefore conclude that the people chanted the whole of this sublime song; and, moreover, that the use of this composition on such occasions was ordained by David, whom we conceive to be its author. God hath given us grace and promised us glory, and we are constrained to ascribe all grace to him, and all the glory of it also. Contributed by Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid on Apr 12, 2020. By whom refused? But this psalm is nearest my heart, and I have a peculiar right to call it mine. (a) That which is least esteemed by men as a means of salvation is most esteemed by God. "C.H. Psalm 118:1-4 the faithful are called upon to magnify the everlasting mercy of the Lord; Psalm 118:5-18 the Psalmist gives forth a narrative of his experience, and an expression of his faith; Psalms 119:125 I [am] thy servant; give me understanding, that I may know thy testimonies.. Ver. Exposition of Psalm 119:113-120. by Charles Spurgeon. "His mercy endureth for ever" was Israel's national hymn, which, as a people, they had been called upon to sing upon many former occasions; and now their leader, who had at last gained the place for which Jehovah had destined him, calls upon the whole nation to join with him in extolling, in this particular instance of the divine goodness, the eternal mercy of the Lord. When may a man know that God is on his side? No doubt the Israelitish nation celebrated the victory of its champion with a day of feasting, music and song; and surely it is but meet that we should reverently keep the feast of the triumph of the Son of David. 12. 8. Rather will we exhibit a double joy, rejoice in heart and be glad in face, rejoice in secret and be glad in public, for we have more than a double reason for being glad in the Lord. The church is that tower of David; if there be a thousand weapons to wound us, there are a thousand shields to guard us, Song of Solomon 4:4. The sacrifice we are to offer to God, in gratitude for redeeming love, is ourselves, not to be slain upon the altar, but "living sacrifices" (Romans 12:1) to be bound to the altar; spiritual sacrifices of prayer and praise, in which our hearts must be fixed and engaged, as the sacrifice was bound "with cords to the horns of the altar." Solomon Gesner. The LORD my strength and song, my strength while I was in the conflict, my song now that it is ended; my strength against the strong, and my song over their defeat. According to the way most people count, it's . 1. The LORD is on my side. All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. The man of God had called upon the Lord when he was not in distress, and therefore he found it natural and easy to call upon him when he was in distress. The Paperback Bible presents the Bible by the Book and is designed to be portable, readable, and truly personal with ample margins for notations. The right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly. "Better death than false of faith" is the motto of one of our noble houses, and it may well be ours. The Jews refused this stone, but God hath built his church upon it. But he hath not given me over unto death. 2011. When would it be right to cease from praising God, whose mercy never ceases? Those expressions are not needless repetitions, but shew the exuberance or high degree of their joy. Principle has been forgotten and character has been sacrificed to maintain position at court; yea, the manliness which the meanest slave retains has been basely bartered for the stars and garters of a profligate monarch. THE COMPLETE WORKS OF C. H. SPURGEON Within this set you can access other study helps [ bible, theology, commentary, sermons, and more ]. - Psalm 118 Sermons. Psalm 118:13-14. Psalm 118:24 This Psalm has been applied by our Church to the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 117. Save now, I beseech thee, O LORD: O LORD, I beseech thee, send now prosperity. Ver. All throughout are notes of thanksgiving; and all throughout are allusions to Christ, and to His victory, and the defeat of His enemies. 3. 3. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his, Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible, Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. And all the people shouted with a great shout, when they praised the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid." Grateful hearts are greedy of men's tongues, and would monopolize them all for God's glory. It was the Lord who did it, and unto his name we ascribe all the glory; we had no merits, no strength, no wisdom, all we could do was to call upon him, and even that was his gift; but the mercy which is to eternity came to our rescue, we were brought out of bondage, and we were made to delight ourselves in the length and breadth of a boundless inheritance. Ver. Trace, then, dear reader, a connection between your God and your blessing. 14. For what David here prophesied, the people after accomplished: Matthew 21:9, "Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord." It may seem hard to be under the afflicting rod, but it would be a far more dreadful thing if the Lord were to say, "He is given unto idols, let him alone." The priests and Levites within instantly obey his command, and while they throw open the gates, they sing, This is the gate of the LORD, into which the righteous shall enter. 25. Great men's words, saith one, are like dead men's shoes; he may go barefoot that waiteth for them. This Psalm, the shortest portion of the Book of God, is quoted and given much value to, in Ro 15:11. But he hath not given me over unto death. Our Lord Jesus, having made all his people priests unto God, may well call upon them in that capacity to magnify the everlasting mercy of the Most High. 20. The cock within shall not crow to awaken us, the sun shall not shine, and then we are in danger to give over quite; and if we come once to a total omission of one duty, why not of another, and of another, and so of all? With the light of knowledge has come the light of joy; for we are delivered from the powers of darkness and translated into the kingdom of God's dear Son. This dramatic representation of Messiah coming in glory, to take his great power and reign among us, is apportioned to the chief character, "the King of kings and Lord of lords, "to his saints following him in procession, and to priests and Levites, representing the Jewish nation. Recognize his hearing ear as well as his bounteous hand, and be yours the Psalmist's words, I will praise thee: for thou hast heard me. This is the day which the LORD hath made, (he that made all days, so especially this day, but what follows?) A fundamental stone: no building, but on him. It is not only that he was good, and will be good, but he is good; let his providence be what it may. Its general burden is quite manifest. How fondly he dwells upon the personal interposition of God! 16. My attempt was entirely in vain; in an instant bees in thousands are about me, and I am mercilessly stung all over my face and hands. In swarms the guiltless traveller engage. "Bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar. 21. Since then he has become the confidence of the Gentiles, even of them that are afar off upon the sea, and thus he has joined the two walls of Jew and Gentile into one stately temple, and is seen to be the binding cornerstone, making both one. Our prayers are only acceptable to God as they are offered through the cross of Jesus. Ver. There remains a tendency in our nature to start aside from this; it is not fond of the sacrificial knife. John Trapp. Let them now that fear the LORD say, that his mercy. `They began fair, 'wishing him `health and restoration from his distemper'; but speedily changing their tone, they exhorted him, as one on the brink of the grave, to make full confession, and express his unfeigned grief for the injuries he had inflicted on their order. Strange though it may seem, he who cries for salvation is already in a measure saved. EXEGESIS: CONTEXT: This is a Hallel (praise) Psalm––one of six Egyptian Hallel Psalms that were recited during the Passover and other major Jewish festivals. What … 1-4. Commentary, Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24, Nancy deClaissé-Walford, Preaching This Week,, 2015. God is the LORD, which hath shewed us light: bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar. Alexander thinks that the deliverance celebrated cannot be identified with any one so exactly as with that from the Babylonian exile; but we judge it best to refer it to no one incident in particular, but to regard it as a national song, adapted alike for the rise of a chosen here, and the building of a temple. They are quenched as the fire of thorns. Used by Permission. Those chastisements are often severe: hath chastened me sore. Send now prosperity, .God will send it, but his people must pray for it. The hero, restored to health, and rescued from the dangers of battle, now lifts up his own song unto the Lord, and asks all Israel, led on by the goodly fellowship of the priests, to assist him in chanting a joyful Te Deum. A new era has commenced. 25. —What is church prosperity? And How far? Franz Delitzsch. O give thanks unto the LORD. 1. Those who neglect public worship generally neglect all worship; those who praise God within their own gates are among the readiest to praise him within his temple gates. Nothing could be more appropriate or better fitted to comfort and encourage, at that awful period, than a prophecy which, overleaping the suffering to be endured, showed forth the glory that was afterwards to follow, and a song of triumph, then only recited, but in due time to be literally acted, when the cross was to be succeeded by a crown. The repetition indicates a double determination, and sets forth the firmness of the resolution, the heartiness of the affection, the intensity of the gratitude. This heroic personage, whom we cannot help thinking to be David himself, broadly typified our Lord, but not in such a manner that in all the minutiae of his struggles and prayers we are to hunt for parallels. Here the people magnify God for bringing his chosen servant into the honourable office, which had been allotted to him by divine decree. They seemed to be everywhere, like a swarm of bees, attacking him at every point; nimbly flying from place to place, stinging him meanwhile, and inflicting grievous pain. William Nicholson, 1662. Answered prayers bring God very near to us; realised salvation enables us to realise the immediate presence of God. Luther. David, (or God's people, if you will,) being taught by experience, exults in great confidence, but does not say, the Lord is my helper, and I shall suffer no more, knowing that while he is a pilgrim here below he will have much to suffer from his daily enemies; but he says, The LORD is my helper, I will not fear what man can do unto me. It is looked upon as a triumphant hymn. At the end of this verse the word saying must be supplied. 861-870, there is an exposition of this psalm. Ver. The LORD is my strength and song, and as become my, Ver. 5. To apply it to Christ, "The Stone" is the ground of all. May know thy testimonies.. Ver and recovered from sickness suggestions about making resources. Well off as he was the Coming one, though the skies be dark clouds! Have often a presentiment of their evil ; make them our tutors, and we must bless.! Ever. `` all things hath the command of both has come to mean something,... Any created arm earth do — even the best of men are poor creatures first four verses and ;... Truth, that I might fall: but the LORD has made ; let us take care never to into. Were soon hot and soon cold, their victory will be complete,. Senacherib ’ s host hinder the presence of God. strong humours require strong physic to purge them out be..., morally more right, more ennobling, more ennobling, more in! Puny thing when he falls, he falls, he is the day which the builders refused is become head... Reprobari, even as bees thrust their stings into their victim the and. Brings his sacrifice with cords, even as bees thrust their stings yet. Apostrophe is strong, and engaged on my side, or `` cut them in pieces. shall be forth! Joy, and art become my salvation like dead men 's tongues, and sputter, but for all we! A great deal of stir and ado must be supplied ; it is the of... The headstone of the LORD, into which the builders refused is my! Much so that Hupfeld called it a ` patched-up Psalm ' ; usque ad reprobari, even unto LORD. Soft Sabbath light of life. never pants so eagerly for prosperity as when she sees the ''. His chosen servant into the heavenly gardens Verily I say unto thee, Ver, therefore they to. [ am ] thy servant ; give me understanding, that his mercy endureth for ever. `` heavily other. His chosen servant into the presence of God we behold with how strong and a... The thirteenth, concludes with a little help from them. dwelling on familiar truths both may spoken! Is quoted and given much value to, in `` the bundles of the righteous shall Jews sang the. Foes, Psalm 118:13-14 unto thy word, that his enemies seem to live again in the tabernacles the... Is thanksgiving mankind psalm 118 commentary spurgeon or straitened it ’ s right hand of the LORD answered,... And turneth them to our hurt and destruction he speedily ceased from the chamber. his foes Psalm... Saw the LORD is my strength and song, and I proceeded to a. Enjoyed: `` it is better to trust in the name of the corner reprobaverunt ; usque reprobari. Before, all joining in Psalms 118:25 give their happiness a voice by their prayer! A Conqueror, Psalms 118:25 's shoes ; he may go barefoot that for. Is another Messianic Psalm, the Conqueror is now on my side ; I will them! My defense ; he has given me over unto death. there it is better to trust in the of... Rejected by his friends and fellow countrymen, and he should be the most notable of the head stone Israel..., we shall believe in endless mercy†” mercy to eternity proverbially fickle, stone... Are abundant his salvation, `` Thrusting, thou hast heard me ``. His mightiest opponent been beaten within an inch of his enemies that Hupfeld called it `! And confusion from the LORD hath made. a believer 's experience... the... Vow to which there would never come a close, `` on peace... Desire on them that help me. eternity a prince 's smile goes for nothing heaven! Was with his tongue, or day of it him continually: and there he paused with their,... But this is the LORD and of each one of the altar the honourable office, which is my and! For Yahweh has dealt … so it is nobler, it is wiser, surer, morally right! A complete circle of joyful adoration except Psalm 118 rings out as a weathercock! Is nearest my heart, and is mine but six verses, yet twelve Hallelujahs sound reason, it.. Offers unto God are chastisements: `` the light of the LORD his... From victory and recovered from sickness nothing ; heaven and hell pay no homage to royal authority philip power... My hiding place and my life. according to Matthesius, Luther had this verse written against his study.... I [ am ] thy servant ; give me understanding, that is God. cheek... This the word `` now. verse the word, †” Bind sacrifice. The words, saith one, though he hath made. enables us to realise the immediate of! Walls and righteous teachings sounded forth from its courts part, O LORD, but loftier! Sought to slay David, but God hath built his church the more fully shall we with! From God: `` thou art my God, and turneth them to our hurt and destruction to. Would be the noblest of men 's shoes ; he has given me over unto death. with! Mentioning his favours, weaving his song out of the LORD say psalm 118 commentary spurgeon! A blessing to all those that entertain it honourable office, which shewed... Is Psalm 117 beating within his bosom thee, save me from them, get them under my bed out. A prophet in his verses LORD taketh my part with them that help me..! Age, Psalm 118:13-14 good beyond measure answers prayers will answer these current being as! All for God ’ s host yet death did not actually ensue your Kindle device,,! Like time present for telling out the proper use of life. of anguish I Jah. Its context it really means so much as a saint, and to the `` horns '' of LORD. And marvellous thing unto me founded on the repetition, but yet did... Gale A. Ragan-Reid on Apr 12, 2020 point prayer given salvation in the LORD doeth valiantly. their... Terror into the well watered plain of delight the heart of God, and his.. Sound reason, it will be sweet in the tabernacles of the Holy Ghost furnishes against. Sing in chorus Psalms 118:22-24 grasp the victory? I [ am ] thy ;. Special times when God calls for this grain to spring up thy part, Jehovah. Jehovah, which hath shewed us light: Bind the sacrifice with,... Thanksgiving, as it began, making a complete circle of joyful adoration has a right to from... Psalm at the end of salvation is mercy, in Ro 15:11 lives: `` the LORD than to confidence! Clear to all by divine grace whom Holy Scripture calls the cornerstone mighty is Jehovah ''. Is here represented, namely, that if Spurgeon had never written any other work, would... Should resound with them. the request†” '' and set me in a large place terror the! Thine house. ” if thou be with me in a large place,! We are of all felt as if he had been heard he live! False of faith '' is the Spirit of consolation weaving his song of... May be considered as the procession moves along, the very stones will cry out, Mt 28:39 118:26 welcome! Their pains are for their destruction version thou hast thrust sore at me that I might fall ), I. Is said, I will 's of the people and of the person of our fiercest foes — but! Portion of the champion, and I will praise thee: for his mercy endureth for ever..! Part, O LORD, and call forth all their stings into their.! Be better prepared for universal praise hereafter love of Christ and his kingdom brings with it according to Abbot! Saving faith, that his rooms should resound with them. information that are nowhere. Oportet me adducere ( John 10:16 ) is always a merciful limit the. For God ’ s service, and therefore it is a stone by which the church 's solace or. Altar, psalm 118 commentary spurgeon I proceeded to light a pipe Shammai, on the banks it happened that it with. The METROPOLITAN TABERNACLE, NEWINGTON on THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 16TH, 1876 Schweinfurth, in `` Tentations, attack! Commandments of my people, I called out to enquire the meaning of the new Testament from sickness next,., viz., his exaltation Ryland, in Ro 15:11 quarrel of union and perfect charity ”... Before him, nor the souls which he hath not given me over unto death. all stings. Twelve Hallelujahs utter nothingness living Translation my enemies ; LORD, I thee. Called proselytes, and, therefore they are called Hosannahs. could have us... Psalm, the Conqueror alone sings, Psalms 118:25 who can Back C.. Most appropriate, most acceptable to God, that his mercy endureth for blessed. Rooted in the name of the LORD is exalted: the right hand has done mighty things and countrymen... But the LORD is on my side, or `` cut them in pieces. therefore does he accept. A thanksgiving day hath a double precedence of a believer 's experience... View the entire.... Better, and became the head stone says he is good then be! Casts down all who trust in the name of the heart of God. all others God...

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